Door To Store Service

Door To Store Service

If you’re considering moving yourself, be prepared for a very stressful time. You’ll need help, so you’ll probably turn to your family and friends. If that’s an option. If it’s not, our Door To Store service provides an alternative.

We’ve made the service very simple. No need to stress out. We’ll explain everything when you call.

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We’ll Help You from The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office

Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced professionals are standing by ready to assist you over the phone. We can walk you through our service in just a matter of minutes. We can help you plan and prepare your whole move. We’ll discuss all the room availability and room location options with you and schedule a visit to one of our facilities if you’d like.

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Is There A Need To Schedule A Visit?

No, there’s no need to schedule a visit. Many Door To Store tenants have secured a room over the phone in just a few minutes without scheduling a visit. While there’s no need, If you prefer to visit, that’s no problem. We’ll arrange a time with you over the phone. Our Door To Store relocation process helps you select the best unit for your situation, either climate-controlled or standard.

Who, What, Where and When?

We’ll be providing you with a move-in checklist, but more on that in a minute. We first need to customize that checklist based upon who’s renting the unit (a home owner, renter or business owner). Next we take what you’ll be storing into consideration and help you determine if you’ll need a standard or climate controlled unit. After that we’ll find a location within the facility that best matches your budget and accessibility needs. Lastly, we’ll need to match the criteria to our availability. The checklist we provide will detail the number of different size standard boxes you’ll need, the how many wardrobe boxes, padding, tape and moving equipment (such as a hand truck). Free-standing items and items that can be unassembled, such as bed frames are things we’ll discuss as well. Moving truck availability depends upon scheduled moves and we’ll go over the options with you. Then, we’ll lock in a  move-in date.

Door To Store . . . A Service Built To Save You Time And Money.

Call (914) 242-1965 and we’ll walk you through the service options. Have everything ready? Simply contact us or give us a call. We’re the premiere storage in town handling all of your self storage needs.

What Are You Storing And When?

It takes just a few minutes for us gather enough information to secure a room for you. Our move-in checklists are a great resource because they detail the number of various size boxes you’ll need based upon the items you’ll be storing. We have a number of moving truck options as well. We’ll work with you to arrange move-in date that works for you.

Why Door To Store?

Relocating Outside Westchester County

This may require you to find a place to store your belongings while you coordinate your long-distance move.

Relocating Within The Westchester County Area

You may need to free up some room in your house.

Relocating To Westchester From Elsewhere

If Westchester County is your new home, Door To Store can help make the transition easy and affordable. Once you have everything ready, all you need to do is contact us or give us a call. Whether you’re traveling outside the country or just moving across Westchester, we’ll handle all of your self storage needs. Simply give us a call to learn more.

Our Team Is Standing By Ready To Assist You